Building the Eyelet Board

Beginning is the hardest part. Today my hope is to build the board for the amp. I got things all ready to go. The soldering iron is heated up, I have a new supply of desoldering braid and solder, so I think I’m good to go. IMG_4853I’m building in the garage so I’m able to load my Jobey sitter up with my favourite English blend and enjoy the build. IMG_4854 I’m starting with the bottom/back of the board and wiring in the grounds. I like to strip a half inch lead then hold it against the two eyelets and mark it with a Sharpy. I then clip the wire half inch past the mark and fit it in place. IMG_4856Once all the grounds are in place, I check the over a couple times, puff the pipe and check again. Only then do I solder them in place. Then do the same with the + wires. IMG_4858 Once all is in place I flip the board and clip off all the excess lead. I’m now ready to populate the top side…after a break. IMG_4860IMG_4859


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