Building the Eyelet Board, Day 2

Though I checked three times, when I came back to the board Sunday morning I saw that I had two adjacent ground wires connected one eyelet from where they should be. I quickly changed that. Can you spot what was changed below? The answer is in the green wires.


With that corrected. It was time to populate the top of the board. Before starting, I test and lay out all the resistors and capacitors in order of installation. IMG_4861

I haven’t built an amp for a few years, so I’m a bit rusty with soldering and such. I made some mistakes to begin with. Here are couple tips: 1. Trim your leads long. 2. Place everything on the board top and bottom before ever adding solder.

I had soldered the bottom of the board and then started to add components to the top. Doing it this way I had to remelt the existing solder. My leads became bent and the job looked messy. I eventually got frustrated and used desoldering braid to remove the old solder. This posed a new problem because I’d already trimmed the excess leads of the back of the board and the ground wires fell out when I flipped the board. Live and learn…then forget until next time.

Anyway, I started with the right side of the board and worked left. I was a bit sloppy at first,  but I got better and neater as I went. Below are a series of pictures showing the work. IMG_4862IMG_4867IMG_4868

With that done, I added the flying leads and soldered all in place. With the brain of the amp built, it’s time to move on to the body.IMG_4869

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