RATS! When I turned on the amp all looked fine…no smoke. I began testing voltages. The power side was good, the VRM worked as it should, but there was no voltage on the preamp side at all. I traced voltage to the last filter cap and that’s where it stopped. Luckily I had been taking a lot of pictures. I looked at a picture of the back of the board, comparing it to the layout. I found one of the jumpers was misplaced…the one coming from the last filter cap. It needed to be moved one eyelet right.image.png

I had to fix the misplaced jumper, but the board was already mounted and connected. Removing it would be a PITA as well as slop things up. Here’s how it went down. First I removed one side of the affected components. IMG_4912

The big problem was the jumper was on the underside of the board and I didn’t want to remove the board. I used copper braid to remove the solder from both eyelets. I could see the tips of the jumpers. I took an inflation needle and after heating the eyelets I pushed it through shoving the jumper leads out. IMG_4913.JPG

I ran the new jumper on top the board underneath the components. I made sure to get it right this time. IMG_4914.JPG

So I fired up the amp and everything looked fine…voltages great. I plugged in the Les Paul and it sounded great, then I tested it with the Tele. I switched the 6v6 out and tested it with a 6l6. I love the 6l6 in this amp. Later in the evening I took out the Strat and ran the amp through the full range of options, tone and volume. It’s great! IMG_4915.JPG



Video clips to come.

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